Obsessed With: Amal Clooney

Hurricane Joaquin may have diverted from the East Coast in favor of a more European route, but here on the East Coast we were not spared from wind, rain + flooding. Some are even traveling the roads via canoe a few neighborhoods over! Luckily our yard was mostly spared, but travel in + out of the city is at a minimal.

Enough about all that though. I figured to jump back into this little blog thing, coming back from a sort of mini hiatus, I would throw up a little shout out to someone I’ve only  recently realized I’m pretty smitten with…Amal Clooney.

Yes, she is Mrs. George Clooney, but she’s also super beautiful, and insanely smart (hello! Girl is an international lawyer!). No wonder George put a ring on it! Amal has definitely mastered the art of an unforgettable appearance, having mastered street style to red carpet, and everything in between.

Amal has even been seen playing twinsie in the wardrobe department with style queen Taylor Swift, but it’s definitely a draw when it comes to settling on who wore it best!

Now, admittedly, I do not know much about her personal story, other than what tops headlines, but my interest in knowing is certainly peaked. I also hope there is indeed a baby Clooney to come, as I would love to see how Amal would undoubtedly ace maternity style.



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