Sarah Hyland Hits Every High Note on the Red Carpet

Let me just start by saying that last night’s 67th Primetime Emmy Awards (September 20, 2015) held one of the most beautiful red carpets I have seen in a while! Seriously, I looked through red carpet arrival photos over + over, finding something new to be charmed by every time.

I’ve been a closet Sarah Hyland fan for sometime. I do not know why in the world this, until now, has been a closeted love, she’s quite amazing! Most know her from her Modern Family role, but did you see her play Blanche Barrow in the Bonnie + Clyde remake?? I also feel like she has recently made a huge leap in her red carpet fashion game lately. I mean, she’s always pretty much hit the nail on the head, but lately it’s just been extra on point. Maybe it’s the haircut. Last night was no exception to Sarah’s strong fashion game when she hit the red carpet wearing a wine colored Zac Posen gown:

Such a beautiful color; always a favorite of mine, but it’s the details to this piece (you know I love me some Zac Posen) that make it such a gold star look. The fitted silhouette that flares below the knee not only gives Sarah a lovely, structured silhouette, elongating her petite frame, but the darting on the top of the gown make her tiny silhouette all the more accentuated.

Another detail that absolutely cannot be overlooked is the off the shoulder top. I love how it’s not a straight across cut and actually slopes down onto Sarah’s shoulders. If you think that’s all fine + well, wait until you see how this particular detail carries to the back!!:

Hello!! Beautiful coming + going! Not only do we get the exposed back, but also a pop of a train, and more evidence of how that subtle stitched darting really helps accentuate the perfect fit of this gown on Sarah.

I love her chandelier earrings + multiple reasons rings, but I think my favorite accessory is the bangle she wore mid-arm:

Her matching manicure and perfectly styled waves round out this bombshell look that had everyone’s head turning. And let me just throw a shout out to Sarah’s  Modern Family co-star, Ariel Winter, who was looking a fierce kind of glamorous on the red carpet last night. Go…google!

Although Modern Family didn’t take home an Emmy last night, Sarah is certainly holding it down with this award-worthy red carpet look. Oh, and Sarah, if you want to join my squad (see previous posts), we’d love to have you.


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