Kylie Jenner: Prabal Gurung NYFW

Say what you will about Kylie Jenner, and people will go to lengths to say it all, but the girl does have that signature ever-changing style that the media drools over.

Before I jump into the fashion week commentary let me just offer up some thoughts on Ms. Jenner: I love her lips, I love her ability to embrace and pull off a variety of looks. I think she gets way more backlash and hate than necessary (c’mon Solange Knowles with that face…shade), and that people genuinely want reasons not to like her. What I will say on the flip side is that I do not think her receiving praise for her cleavage enhancing secret, which is the use of the Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra, should be giving her this bolster of thank-you-for-letting-us-in-on-that-secret praise. VS knew what they did in creating that bra, which has been around for sometime and has helped my boobs way before Kylie started flaunting hers! I also do not agree with the whole shoving of Jessica Alba debacle. That’s it, that’s all the personal commentary I have to offer, nothing ground breaking or shade throwing or hateful. Let’s all be friends.

Now. Prabal Gurung. He had himself a little show this week. And by little, naturally I mean amazing. Kylie was there and I have to say her look, which was of course fashioned by the designer himself, was head-to-toe stunning.

3 C’s: cute, chic + current. A few key words in describing my first impressions of this look. I’m loving the two piece blazer-fitted trousers combo, paired with the mesh bandeau beneath. Not to mention, the black + blue splatter design is a far cry from the splatter paint artwork of days past; this print is quite cohesive for something that has the potential to look more abstract. At quick glance it almost resembles a printed rhinestone look.

Of course we have to talk about her VS runway worthy waves (I mean, she already rocks the bombshell ;)). Her blonde locks (which I believe have since been colored with an enviable mint green shade) come across as effortless, yet complimentary to the rest of her look. And yes, her plump nude pout rounds out the details that make this look gold star. 


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