Top 5: Blanket Scarves for Fall

If you’re anything like me then you love the feeling of stepping outside and feeling the first signs of cool Autumn air, especially if you are coming off of some wicked hot+humid months! Not only does the start of Fall signify crisp air, back to school and updated Starbucks’ menus, but also a shift in style and the call for great layering pieces. I’ve always been a lover of scarves and have amassed quite the collection over the past couple of years. The blanket scarf is one of my favorites for both its coziness and functionalities. 

Of course, stores/brands are continually rolling out new designs, but I’ve managed to come up with a list of my current Top 5 favorites. Even though there are some beautiful pricey options out there, I’ve tried to keep this list fairly budget friendly with prices ranging from 20$-80$; although, if we’re being honest, 20$ sounds better to me!

 1. Steve Madden Super Texture Plaid Metallic Blanket Wrap
PRICE: 44$


NOTE: I’m loving the cooler grey tones and oversized nature of this scarf. It would be great to style both thrown over as a wrap, or looped around for a fuller traditional wrap around look. The hints of metallic within the fabric add a little something special and the large plaid pattern keeps it classic.
2. DKNY Plaid Blanket Scarf


PRICE: 80$


NOTE: I love a good black + white layering piece, and I particularly love that this one is predominantly black with the white plaid pattern. This staple piece can literally be styled with so many looks, which makes the 80$ price tag a tad more justifiable.

3. Willow Plaid Blanket Scarf in Black+Cream


PRICE: 28$


NOTE: Here is another black + white pick, this time with an equal mix of both neutrals. It also has that great plaid pattern that I think is pretty synonymous with the blanket scarf (although I’m on the look out for some great solid pieces as the season rolls on!).

4. Aerie Blanket Scarf in Navy


PRICE: 29.95$


NOTE: I’m pretty into neutrals if you couldn’t already tell, but I like how this navy scarf (I know, it looks black), and how it still looks classic with a slight variation in the pattern. I think this one makes a really great pairing with denim, and I love a good pair of skinnies, well, any season!

5. Oversized Plaid Tartan Zscarf


PRICE: 19.95$

AVAILABLE: Knit Pop Shop at

NOTE: If this pattern looks really familiar that’s perhaps because this blanket scarf has been reigning supreme since last year (some with more pink + teal tones vs the red + green). The timeless tartan pattern makes it a must have that will surely continue to remain a popular pick. This pattern is pretty much everywhere, so no excuses not to add it to your wardrobe!
So many great pieces for Fall are already out on shelves, and if I’ve learned anything it’s to buy something when you see it + don’t think on it for too long! I mean, it seems whenever I am actually in need of a new winter coat it’s when bathing suits are hitting sales floors; so the story goes.



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