Christina Milian: NYFW Launch Party

My first New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2015 post is here, and I’ve perhaps chosen an unlikely candidate in Christina Milian to post for discussion. I say unlikely not in the sense that she is anything less than beautiful and well-styled, but simply because she doesn’t receive as much attention as a Jenner, Hadid or TSwift squad member may take up.

I saw several looks that Christina donned for Fashion Week events but this RED Valentino number she wore  to the Gloss: The Work of Chris Von Wangenheim Launch Party is one that certainly caught my attention:


It’s pretty obvious that the all over sheer revealing nature of this look is what turns heads, but I think I simply appreciate the risk she took here showing some skin. She certainly has every right to with her perfectly petite figure! It also doesn’t hurt that there aren’t too many people who could pull off this look and make it look chic, and not, well, trashy (for lack of a better word at the moment).

The dress is quite airy thanks to its makeup of organza + tulle, and the fit and flare silhouette add to the femininity and playfulness of the dress. In fact, it’s when you take in all the details, like the polka dotted yoke and all over grommet detail that you pretty much forget she is essentially wearing underwear for the world to see!

Her pairing of the red lace up sandals and pop of red on her lips is a great classic contrast to the white organza, adding another visual element to this look. I’ve read other commentary on her look here saying that she should have opted for a full slip to wear beneath. I totally disagree with that because it would have, in my opinion, stripped away the authenticity that only Milian could bring to it. Plus it is NYFW, so some could even argue that this is relatively tame! And side note: shout out on the short hair CM! It makes me feel better about chopping mine into a lob when I see the celeb sect following suit. πŸ˜‰


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