post-VMA Thoughts

I think we are all aware of the big event that took place last night…the 2015 Video Music Awards (VMAs). I missed it last night since I one, had better things to do, and two, knew it would be a bunch of haphazardly planned drama and attempts at attention grabbing acts. I mean, after all, Miley Cyrus was hosting and given her current standing in good ol’ Hollywood how can it be anything but antics over music. I said I would watch the rerun of the event today, but you know what, I won’t.

Thanks to Facebook and other media outlets I know about Miley’s absurd costume choices/secret album drop/weird sparkly goop stoner music video; I know about the Nicki Minaj call out, the Kanye presidential announcement and the tears shed by Beiber and his moppity-mop head of hair.

I perused every VMA red carpet rundown I came across and was equally unimpressed. With the exception of a few Victoria’s Secret models and a boho glam Vanessa Hudgins it was all pretty low caliber in my book. I get that this particular awards show has become synonymous with going above and beyond, but lack luster + absurdly cliche are a few keywords I’m pulling from the night. Frankly I’m a bit nervous to go through all the after party looks, but I’m hoping someone other than the typical glamazing looks of Chrissy Teigen will catch my eye. Maybe one of T.Swift’s squad members??! Certainly not Kylie Jenner’s bangs…bring back that pastel icy blue, girl!!

Not that I expected much given the quality that MTV consistently puts forth, you know, low brow, but when the highlight of my night is Kim Kardashian’s baby bump on the red carpet (you go Kim K!), I find myself longing for the VMA days of Britney/NSync power routines, surprise Guns n Roses performances, and pretty much any other host besides Miley Cyrus (sorry). I am by no means taking away from the work put forth by artists to come out with quality music, or to undervalue heartfelt words spoken by few on stage, I just can’t get behind so many poor attempts to deliver shock value to an audience by means of tainting my childhood love of candy buttons. It further makes me question my sanity as I once looked forward to the VMAs, to new episodes of Jersey Shore and all of that other nonsense.     Those were my pre-Mom years I guess, haha. I love to be entertained, I love fashion and I love keeping up with celebrities just because. Nothing wrong with any of that, to each his/her own, but for now give me the Grammys and the VS Fashion Show, I need to look at beautiful people doing beautiful people things.
With all the horrible and ugly in the world I’ll take the nonsensical distractions when I can get them. I keep myself updated on local issues, national issues, world issues. I am educated. I am a mother. I watch jeopardy every night. Not that I feel the need to have my intelligence validated, it’s just my little side note to those who think I’m perhaps less intelligent based on what I choose to offer public commentary on.

All of that being said, it’s Monday. I’m not making my bed and I’m not doing my hair, and if baby Jude wants to be in his dinosaur pjs all day, then that’s rad in my book. 


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