ipsy: Prep School

It’s back-to-school time, and although neither my son or I will be in a classroom this year it is still a big signal that Fall (my favorite) is upon us!

The August ipsy glam bag was of course on the back-to-school trend with the Prep School theme, all contained within a cute little houndstooth bag.

Let’s take a look at this month’s contents:

This month was an even mix of things familiar and new, and I was quite pleased with the products and their quality. 

La Fresh Eco Beauty Good Night Night Cream

I’ve always loved the face wipes by La Fresh! I always stock up with several boxes when they pop up on mad sale on HauteLook. Turns out, their lotions/creams aren’t too shabby either. This night cream is extra hydrating and works to fight facial wrinkles while you sleep. It’s very lightweight upon application and doesn’t have any strong fragrance so your face, and your olfactory senses, won’t be overwhelmed during use. Visit http://www.lafreshgroup.com and use code IPSYAUG15 at checkout to receive 30% off of any purchase.

Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment

Marc Anthony hair products frequently appear in glam bags and this Argan oil couldn’t have come at a better time since I just cut my hair short and it needs a little extra smoothing to maintain its look. This is actually right on par with Moroccan oil brand, in my opinion. It’s lightweight, not super greasy being an oil product, and adds just the right amount of gloss to your hair, while taming any poufiness or flyaway hairs. This particular oil is made with a blend of Argan and Mediterranean olive oils to strengthen, protect and condition your hair. Vitamin E and Shea butter also add to to the hydrating effect this product gives. You can actually pick this up at drugstores like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens.

Skone Cosmetics Luxe Double Eye/Lip Pencil 

I love wine shades for fall, and this Skone pencil is right on the money as far as that goes. This is a dual pencil designed to be used as both an eyeliner and lip liner. While I wouldn’t use this color on my eyes in that sense, I would wear it out on my lips. It has a nice smooth application, great for both lining and filling in the lips. I’m, so far, digging it. Using code ipsy when shopping at http://www.skonecosmetics.com will get you 10% off your purchase.

Pencil Me In Cosmetics Natural Eyeliner Pencil 

Another berry shade (well, this one is actually boysenberry)! Right on. This is, however, designed as an eyeliner pencil, but don’t let the berry name fool you for this isn’t in the wine color family. Boysenberry is more related in color to think, a deep blackberry color…so it is quite dark. I don’t think it’s as smooth of an application as the Skone pencil, so eye users be aware, but I think I think it at least serves its purpose.Plus, the built-in sharpener is pretty handy…although, I think s more blunt/rounded liner tip will allow for a sifter application, literally, especially in the water line areas.

Hikari Cosmetics Lip Gloss

  I have been mildly obsessed with Hakari since I first discovered them, via ipsy, over a year ago. They are great quality and have great color pay out and longevity…so, all good things!! This time I received one of their lip glosses in the shade salsa. This is a high-shine matte gloss so you get some of the best of both worlds there. I also like that the shade is a little brighter than red, but not yet in coral territory, making it a great color as we transition from Summer to Autumn. The color is vibrant enough to wear alone, or you can pop it over your favorite lipstick to create something a little more amped up. And here’s something rad: shop now at http://www.hikaricosmetics.com, using code hikari30, and receive 30% off your purchase AND a free eyeshadow (shade: taffy). Go, go now…you’re welcome!!

If you’re a fellow ipster I’d love to hear your feedback on the August glam bag or what you received different. And if you’re headed back-to-school for the Fall, good luck and go get ’em tiger!! 


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