It’s Britney, b****

So, the 2015 Teen Choice Awards took place this past Sunday in Los Angeles. While I didn’t watch the actual awards programming, I was on the lookout for show stopping looks on the “red carpet”, and hot damn did Britney Spears ever deliver!

Hitting her entrance in her sparkly-embellished-high-low-cut-out Mikael D and new pastel dipped mermaid locks, Britney was all too dreamy, and had me super jealous that I’m in her age bracket and not bringing it like that! 

Seriously, that dress is just as amazing going as it is coming with so many eye catching details; an aesthetic delight, if you will. Paired with Le Silla heels and jewelry by Jennifer Meyer this was certainly a gold star look for Britney to don whilst accepting the Candies Style Icon award.

And can we again take note of the mermaid-esque tresses (and Brit’s on display, sparkle restrained cleavage):    

Having been by Britney’s side since, what, ’98/’99, it’s good to see her still maintaining showstopper status after all this time. For sure, the Spears sparkle is not to be dulled.

**images via Getty**


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