Pretty Little Liars’ Prom

I cannot even begin to actually discuss last night’s PLL, we would be here until next week’s summer finale talking about A, Red Coat, and every conspiracy theory within that could even be imagined. Instead can we please just talk about the insanity that was the gorgeous dresses the girls wore to Prom?! These definitely aren’t like what we wore back when I was in high school and halter top ball gowns were considered supremely ideal.

Now, while I thought all these four looks were amaze, it was Hanna’s look I was emphatically smitten with. I will admit, though, that Emily came in a close second with her fairy tale queen-Esque look:

I cannot pin point one singular thing that I love about Hanna’s look, but I do know that I want that dress on my body and those shoes on my feet. Seriously, those shoes.

I love the high low layers of the skirt and absolutely adore the deep cut gold lace sleeved sparkle of the top. Seriously, drooling, and jealous that I wasn’t that cool at my prom. My date wore converse sneakers and we thought we were cool kids. I also dig the dark eye makeup they paired with Hanna’s glitzy on-trend look:

Yeah, I’m going to need to copy that hair this weekend. Love…love…I love it. I am super geeky excited for this finale on Tuesday! We are all thinking that Harold is Charles right?!! I mean, I’m not super confident in saying that because the minute you think one thing the whole situation reroutes and boggles your mind. Oh, Tuesday, come  on! Who has any thoughts on A?? I used to think Aria but now, who knows?!!!


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