Life with Jude: 4 Months

I cannot believe my sweet little baby is already 4 months old (actually, 19 weeks today!!). Time is flying by, as all claimed it would, and my boy is growing bigger every day. At his 2 month pediatrician visit he was in the 18th (or so) percentile for height and this week he is measuring in the 78th percentile at 26 inches. He’s so tall, but yet still so small as he was still only in the 4th percentile for weight, at 13 pounds.

He is such an incredibly happy baby; I am beside myself with joy watching the elation his face expresses on the daily. I feel like I’m learning a lot from him, not only in the inseparable bond we share and continue to build, but about joy and living in the now. He is a blessing in all our lives in so many ways!

Last night he had his first taste of baby oatmeal and has so far taken to the spoon like a champ, so he’ll continue to have this once a day after his evening bottle until it’s time to up it. He also had his first experience in his jumper yesterday. He’s still too short for his legs to reach the bottom but he loves sitting in it and looking at all the jungle animals that are attached. We are also sooooo close to rolling over for the first time! He gets on his tummy time mat and looks like he’s throwing down some sweet break dance moves but just gets so frustrated before he can get all the way over…any day though!!

Baby smiles and deep belly baby laughs are the greatest things. I just can’t even. I’m so impressed, and as always, admittedly obsessed with my kid. He still loves for me to sing him to sleep and he is still a little cuddle monster! He has developed a little habit, since he’s in the oral phase, of putting his hands in his mouth, so far in that it typically leads to him spitting up. Socks and mittens on the hands help a bit, but I’m telling you, this guy goes on serious missions to make the hand/mouth connection.

After 4 months (and remember, he was almost a month early), his nursery is almost done! I mean, it’s been done as far as the basics go, but I’ve been waiting for all the little details to come together so I can share. I took great care with what we put in there, so it’s been quite a project!!

and that, my friends, is what’s been up!




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