The Bachelorette Finale Thoughts

I was admittedly quite excited for last night’s Bachelorette finale. (Yes, I know there is tons of twisting and manipulating done to make ratings and whatnot, that aspect is not lost on me. If you watch Unreal on Lifetime that certainly has your reality TV blinders removed). Anyway, I mentioned in my last Bachelorette post that I read rose ceremony spoilers and it said Kaitlyn left alone, not offering a final rose to either Nick or Shawn. I went into the finale thinking that’s how it was going to play out, so I was pleasantly surprised when she ended up with Shawn, whom I was pulling for after dreamy Ben H. was sent home after the fantasy dates.

Then, of course, there was the infamous snapchat photo leak mid-season that seemingly divulged to all that Shawn was the winner:

  On Jimmy Kimmel last night they admitted it was a slip as they had intended to send the photos jokingly to show producers….well, oops. But, lest we forget, this is the realm of reality TV so anything was still possible.

Skipping past Nick and Shawn meeting K’s families, I jokingly said to my husband, if Nick gets out of the limo first you know he is donezo. To which my husband responded with absolutely nothing because he could honestly care less. But, as you saw/as you guessed, Nick stepped out first so his fate was thusly sealed. If you were still feeling hopeful for him the look on Kaitlyn’s face said it all as she was obviously feeling no elation as Nick poured his feelings out. Now, I feel for the guy. He’s lost out on two Bachelorette finales and it did seem like he was genuinely in it for love, so when Kaitlyn stopped him right before he dropped on his knee I did feel bad for him. 

  And then I came across this photo on the Internet and felt bad again:

Everyone deserves love, and loss of love sucks regardless of how arrogant you may have tried to come across. To do a complete run down on Nick at this point would be beyond time consuming and full of mixed emotions so let’s just say I hope he finds the love he’s looking for.

Moving forward to the main event, Kaitlyn was all smiles and glowing at Shawn’s arrival so we all knew fo sho he was a keeper before he dropped knee. And ps, how insanely gorgeous was Kaitlyn, as per usual. They gushed over one another, he proposed and Bachelorette nation let out a collective sigh.

Despite having lived in the shade of the reality television tree, these two do seem remarkably in love and smitten with each other, he did after all receive the first impression rose,so I hope wedding bells are chiming soon. You KNOW Kaitlyn will be one stunner of a bride.

I was/am sorry to see all the hate thrown at Kaitlyn for her portrayal as a Bachelorette; I mean, I thought she was pretty real about how she played things. It was almost a breath of fresh air that she made mistakes and struggled through at times. No one deserves the hate that has been hurled at this girl! To lighten the mood on that, here’s a photo of Shawn with a dog:

Yes, I will probably keep tabs on this one just because. Not due to any importance it bears with me, just because I need to know things like that.

Thoughts on the finale? 🌹


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