Obsessed with: Olivia Munn

I have been a huge fan of Olivia Munn for years; before she reached her current star status and big time role in X-Men: Apocalypse. Did you guys ever read her Suck it Wonder Woman book?? So good. It sealed the deal for me how major she was, even then I knew we were soul best friends that hadn’t met yet. In fact when I tweeted her my praise for her book she responded that we should get day wasted together. Legit. I love her.

Watching her success is awe inspiring. She’s beautiful and has the inner beauty to match; she even rescued her pup from a puppy mill. And can we talk about the fact that her beau is hunky Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers. They are too amazing together. They are the kind of people you stand behind wanting them to make it for the long haul in this crazy world. She even credits him for helping her deal with her OCD/anxiety, and that I can totally relate to. Yes, I am totally fan girling, I too have my moments.


I could go on and on, but I just wanted to give my girl an official shout out and a big thank you for being someone worth looking up to.  


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