The New Bachelor Announcement.

I know I haven’t posted in a week, but I had to make a little shout out post regarding the announcement of who the next Bachelor will be. Let the record show that I have not blogged about The Bachelorette this season at all, because I would have had to essentially write a short novel to say everything I thought, felt, wished for, etc.

Last night’s Bachelorette was an emotional one. Yes, I am aware how situations are manipulated for TV, but stilllll, pleaseeee. I “accidentally” looked at the rose ceremony spoilers weeks ago so I wasn’t surprised, but looking into dreamy Ben H’s eyes via television screen when Kaitlin let him go (note: he shall hence forward be referred to as dreamy Ben H, the entirety of the name), I think we all let out a collective sigh. 

Never fear, never freakin’ fear, for it was announced today that dreamy Ben H (H is for Higgins), has been chosen as the next Bachelor. I was a fan of both Ben Z and Ben H on this season, but as each week progressed I grew to be quite fond of dreamy Ben H. He was always present in the moment with Kaitlin and never brought up the other guys, really just making it all about the two of them. Such a laid back soul and all-American boy vibe. Like, drink a beer before ballroom dancing sort of guy—adorable and game for anything. Ugh, I gush. 

 So CONGRATULATIONS dreamy Ben H. I feel protective over this one, so the ladies for this season better come correct. I don’t blast people on social media, but do dreamy Ben H wrong and there might be a first time.



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