Life with Jude: 3 Months

I realize it’s been over a week since I lasted posted, but when you spend your days with such a handsome little man it’s easy to get distracted from everything else.

Today Jude is 3 months old, and my life would undoubtedly be incomplete without him. He’s definitely more alert during the day, which is amazing because he has the most beautiful eyes! He loves to smile and have babbling conversations. He is also starting to hold his pacifier in his own mouth best he can, and I can tell he really wants to hold his own bottle he’s just not quite there yet. His holding-his-own-head-up game is super strong though!

Bath time is still not his favorite, but he’s gotten so much better when it comes to having his clothes changed. I look forward to every day with him, I cannot even express my emotions when it comes to talking about the time I spend with him. I am blessed to be able to stay at home with him right now. Not working a typical 9-5 is amazing, and since most of my work is done on the weekends, Jude can be with his dad instead of a random babysitter. The husband and I Harry had a date night out yet, but it’s not like I’m craving that time away either. In fact, I have worked up so much more content for moms who do not respect that role as such. Posting more about bar hopping and beer guzzling than about previous moments with your children completely baffles me. It always has, but now that I have a Mom Nametag I more so feel sorry for those who lack more meaningful bonds with their kids. I would be broken if I didn’t have a relationship with Jude. I do not want to rant though,especially since it’s such an easy topic to go off on. My son is absolutely everything.

I reflect a lot on my journey to become a mother. It wasn’t easy, by any means. Perhaps my struggles with getting to this point, coupled with the experience of bringing Jude into this world make me more sensitive to my role as a mom. I wouldn’t exchange those feelings for anything though since they are all rooted in a deep kind of love, one I could of never before imagined. I hope that didn’t come across as too sappy, but the sentiment is true.

Happy 3 Months Mista Jude!! I can’t wIt for more summer adventures with my little family. We’ll also be checking in on Instagram: jacquelinecxo



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