Here Comes the Bride: Aly Michalka

When I woke up to photos from Aly Michalka’s Portofino, Italy wedding I was absolutely smitten. Not just because her wedding was equal parts rustic charm and glamour, but her dress was absolutely, undeniably stunning in quite an untraditional sense. Aly ( of former Disney/Aly & AJ and current iZombie fame) walked down the aisle in a gorgeous lavender gown with matching floral embellishments. Not sense Gwen Stefani’s gradient pink gown has a twist of color been so beautifully executed on a bride, in my opinion. 

Of course, the rest of the ceremony was equally as beautiful (see photos below), and I also have to throw out there that I love Aly as a brunette; super gorgeous!! Congratulations to the bride and her new husband, director Stephen Ringer.


**photos via pop sugar**



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