Hair: Dutch Accent Braid

I am obsessed with braids right now, especially to rock for these summer months. I came across this look by Abby of Twist Me Pretty (@twistmepretty) and knew I had to try it immediately. That is precisely what I did for today and I am in love with the result. 

Abby has a video showing the step by step instructions to create the look, and if you already know how to at least French braid you’ll have no problems catching on. A Dutch braid is essentially an inverted French braid, incorporating pieces of hair under the pass, rather than over. 

I’m so used to upstyling and braiding other people’s hair so it was nice to be able to sit down and play around with something a little more fun with my own!

Here’s Abby of Twist Me Pretty’s look:

So pretty, right?!

Here’s the Pretty + Clever version I came up with this morning:

I love it; I especially Ioce to pancake out my braids (separate them loosely) for a look of having more volume. I also have darker hair, but you can see how romantic and beautiful this style can be.

For the twist me pretty step by steps and demo please visit her website at; this particular braid is from her March 31, 2014 (Day 15 of the 30 day challenge).

I’d love to see your braids! You can tag Abby on Instagram (@twistmepretty), and myself, I want to see too!! (@jacquelinecxo).

Happy Sunday!!


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