Life with Jude: 2 months

I can hardly believe my little guy is 2 months; well, actually he’s 9 weeks! Yesterday we went to his 2 month checkup, and although he’s still little he’s definitely growing. He weighed in at 9lbs 15oz, which puts him in the 4th percentile, and he measured at about 23 1/4in, in the 55th percentile. The pediatrician was able to reassure all of my new mom concerns, but one thing that affected me more than I thought was the shots. Jude had to have 3 actual injections. 

Now, I’ve always heard that it is worse on the parent than it is on the child, and I always told myself it would all be good because it was all ultimately to benefit him. Well, I was fine until the nurse stuck my content little man with the first stick. When he let out that little shriek my eyes filled with tears; and only continued to do so as he was given the rest of the immunizations. Plus, when I got in my car to go home I had some beautiful mascara smudges under my right eye, so I looked extra mom glam strolling through the medical campus.

Another challenging task as of late has been sorting through Jude’s clothes pulling out all of the preemie and newborn clothes that no longer fit him. Gah. I remember not having any preemie clothes when I first had him, and having to go out and by them. Now he’s pretty much grown out of all his one piece newborn outfits. I can’t. I set some stuff aside to keep as mementos of his tininess, and the rest we consigned or gave to friends currently expecting. It’s crazy how emotional a Carter’s onesie can make you!!

As per usual I’m obsessed with my son. I find it hard not to take pictures of him all day. I love our routine morning snuggle time, and watching him smile more and more; be still my melting heart! We also have our daily conversations, as his babbles and cops are everything. He holds his head up steady now, so of course I’m super impressed by this and so many other things. I was not prepared to love someone this much, but this boy has all of my heart and has more than satisfied my soul.



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