Mother’s Day 2015

Today I just wanted to make a post celebrating the love and blessings I felt yesterday; feelings like no others. I remember last year being in tears because I wasn’t a mom; especially when I was fighting the fight so hard to be one. Looking at my son yesterday was emotionally powerful.

I have always been and will continue to be in awe and appreciative of the moms in my life that have both supported and inspired me. My mom is a woman above and beyond and no words here could praise her enough. My sister is also a rock of a woman that I have looked up to more since she first became a mother almost 7 years ago. Yesterday, however, I felt an extreme sense of pride in myself like never before. The amazing thing my body accomplished in bringing my son into this world. One of the first things I said when they laid him on my chest the first time was “I did it”. I still think that when I look at Jude…”I did it”.

I felt very celebrated with the beautiful gifts I was given yesterday, but more so in the honor bestowed upon me being a mother. I am blessed. I am thankful. I am in awe every single day. I truly am all about that mom life.



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