Top 5: Baby Essentials I Didn’t Know I’d Need

One of my favorite things to do when I was pregnant was to create my registries. Let’s face it, it was fun to walk around Target and Babies R Us with that scanner and go crazy scanning everything you thought you’d need for the new little one. As wise and thoughtful I thought I was with my selections, it was some of the gifts I received that I did not register for that turned out to be so essential. 

Let me reiterate that these five things are not an ultimate Top 5 of what I believe to be most essential for baby, but rather things I did not initially ask for that turned out to be totally helpful, and I would greatly recommend to other moms; especially first time mamas like myself. I don’t claim to know much on the subject, in still learning quite a lot, but, for me, these 5 things have made life with Jude just a little bit easier.

1. Swaddle Pods


These things are great! The first night we bought Jude home from the hospital, he absolutely despised being placed in his bassinet with his little arms and legs flailing about. We tried to put him in a swaddle that had flaps that crossed over the body, but because he was born premature it was too big on him and he still managed to break free. The next day my mom picked up these zip up swaddle pods by Summer and they have been a life saver. They contain his little arms and legs, but because of the spandex in the material he can stretch out to an extent, like in the womb; which also helps prevent the startle reflex that can wake a baby up. Jude loves his swaddle pods;I really feel they contribute to him having better sleep at night.

2. Sound Machine

There are a lot of different options out there when it comes to these things, but we are using the Gentle Giraffe on the Go by Cloud B. We actually have both sizes, but we use the small one for its actual sound purposes.

I prefer them small one because while he’s still sleeping in his bedside sleeper, the Velcro loop on the giraffe allows us to attach it on the outside of his sleeper so it’s close to him without being in the sleep space with him. It has four different sound options and right now Jude is loving the one that sounds like a babbling brook.

3. Baby Daily Log Book


I have the exact book pictured above and it has been so helpful. Sure, there are phone apps that record the same information, but I have found it most helpful to write it down. I don’t keep written record of his sleep, but I do track the feedings and diapers. Plus, having the book let’s my husband, or any one else I’m entrusting my child to, to have access to the feeding information. It’s helpful to know when and how much Jude is eating, and as far as the diaper changes go it’s easy for us to monitor his poops especially. There’s also space to write down a supplies needed list and other additional notes, so I really do find I keep this book attached to me throughout the day.

4. Gripe Water


I have heard of this before from some of my mom friends, but didn’t figure it would be something I’d come to consider so essential. We did have a bottle of Little Remedies gas relief drops from the get go, and they are great, but once Jude started getting bad hiccups on top of the gas, my research and the advice of other moms led me to gripe water. It’s an all natural remedy to relieve the discomfort caused by colic and, yes, hiccups. It contains ginger and fennel as two primary ingredients which is what makes it so helpful for tummy troubles. We give Jude his doses via the little syringe that comes with it, and he takes it easily without fuss.

5. Safety Swabs

Having a ton of these on hand is especially helpful if you have a boy and have made the decision to have him circumcised. We went through a huge box just applying ointment to his circumcision spot alone. They are also great for applying ointments and lotions elsewhere and other general “swabbing uses”. Plus, Jude had thrush at one point and the inside of his mouth and tongue needed to be swabbed with the medication, so we also went through a ton more swabs for that. I’m thankful some been-there-done-that moms hooked me up with plenty of these at my showers.

These are just a few things I found to be totally helpful, that I didn’t initially register for. If you have some different items you love I’d love to hear what’s working/has worked for you.


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