Royal Baby News

I’m currently on vacation, but I, of course had to post after hearing today’s exciting Royal Baby news!! Early this morning my sister nearly knocked my bedroom door down to make sure I had heard that Kate Middleton had delivered her baby…a daughter! A little princess has been welcomed into the Royal Family. Just as with Prince George, we will not know the princess’s new name for a few days, but first pictures have been released!

To back up a little bit, on the morning of May 2 at 6am (London time), Kate was admitted into St. Mary’s Hospital (Lindo Wing) in early labor. At 8:34am, Kate safely delivered her daughter, with Prince William by her side. The princess weighed in at 8lbs 3oz. Everyone is said to be doing well.

This is the announcement as seen on various social networks of Kensington Palace:

You can follow @KensingtonRoyal on Instagram and Twitter for all the updates.

As is traditional, Kate and Will made an appearance outside of the Lindo Wing before returning home to Kensington Palace:


photo via Kensington Royal


How absolutely, unbelievably gorgeous does Kate look?!! I wish I looked that good leaving the hospital 6 weeks ago with baby Jude!! She is glowing and beaming and perfect.

Here’s a closer look at the new Princess:

And of course, big brother, Prince George, was also in attendance:

photo via Kensington Royal

Such a beautiful family. Kate, being my “best friend” and all, is such a role model; not just for her impeccable style, but for the way she carries herself as a woman, a wife, and a mother. She’s amazing. No wonder Americans remain so in awe of England and figures within the British monarchy.

As I said before, the name of the new little princess won’t be announced for a few days, but bets (actual bets) are already being made! I have no money on this, but my guess is Charlotte; maybe even with the name Spencer thrown in there somewhere. We will know in a few days…care to wager a guess??


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