Review: Kate Mascara by Rimmel

Before I gave birth to my son last month I was trying to throw together a makeup bag for my hospital bag and needed a new, “drugstore” mascara to throw in the mix. While at Wal-Mart one afternoon I was wandering through the cosmetics section, as per usual, and began eyeing the Rimmel mascaras, as I’ve always found them to be affordable and of quality. Naturally, there were several to choose from, but I grabbed the new Kate mascara because I thought the wand was super cool (in shade “Eye Rock Jet Black, of course).

Now, I love this mascara but I want to preface the one downside I found, just to get it out of the way…it is not waterproof…other than that, aces in my book.

The bent wand does take a little adjusting too if you’re solely use to using straight and minimally arched wands. Wand shape is so important to consider though if you are trying to get a particular achievement out of your mascara. This wand not only gave a nice curl to my lashes without a secondary cutler, but also gave them super long lift and length, making them look dark and full without additional falsification, shall we say. I love a lot of lash so I found this to be a great mascara to use on its own without having to worry about piling on the fiber lashes or false accents. Also, I like the way I could isolate part of the wand to really grab onto my lower lashes and give them a nice coat without making a mess all over my face. I sprayed my finished look with MAC’s Fix + so I found I didn’t have any smearing or smudging as the day went  on.

I believe I paid like 7$ for this, so super affordable if you go through a lot of mascara on a budget like I do! Don’t get my wrong, I heart all my mascara gems currently nestled in my makeup arsenal, but I love me some rad drugstore finds…all day.

I really like Rimmel London all in all, but I’m particularly fond of everything they put out by Kate Moss. Her lipsticks have been some of my faves for a while now, so I also highly recommend those as well. If you’ve tried this mascara I would also love to hear your thoughts, as I’ve noticed there are quite a few mixed reviews out there.

Bonus Tip: make sure you don’t pump your mascara! You’ll trap air inside which affects the integrity of the mascara itself. Just swipe the sides of the tube inside and then wipe off any excess.



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