Top 5: The Wedding Send-Off

Summer is a huge wedding season, and as a makeup artist I’ve seen all kinds of big day themes and details. From the creative and lavish to, yes, the overdone and the traditional…to each his own I say. One detail I’m always excited to see is the wedding send off; the moment at the end of the night when everyone gathers to see the newlywed couple off. The traditional send off, if you recall, consisted of the throwing of rice, or the close second choice of birdseed. Mini bubbles later became a prime choice, and lately it seems that sparklers are a hot ticket way to go. Actually, when I got married back in 2007 my husband and I wanted to use sparklers but the country club wouldn’t let us, so instead we used little jingle bells tied to ribbons…it was cute…it was also before Pinterest.

Oh, Pinterest. Where would be without such a wonderous tool these days?! With the successful rise of the site every aspect of life seems to have upped the creativity level on us, especially when it comes to weddings. You pretty much cannot scroll through a pin feed without seeing an onslaught of wedding themed pins. So, after seeing said pins, and attending various nuptials of avid pinners, I have come up with my Top 5 Wedding Send-Off ideas that I have either seen or would love too! 



photo: via pinterest



photo: Rock n’ Roll Bride


photo: Style Me Pretty


photo: via pinterest


photo: via pinterest

I have always been a huge fan of the little details that make something all the more unique or outstanding…it’s those little things that end up speaking volumes about a person, place or event. If you have a little detail you love about something, whether it be a wedding or what have you, I’d love to hear about it!! 

Having worked alongside the wedding industry for sometime now I have lots of insider information, so if you have any ideas for future posts I’d love to entertain them as well!! 

Happy Monday!!



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