Life with Jude: 2 Weeks

While husband and I are in agreement that we will remain selective about who gets the details of our birth story, I figured I would still share some insights on my new life with baby. Little Man is 16 days old today, and I’m already learning so much as a parent; as this little boog’s mama.

To briefly update on my new man: He’s gained almost a whole pound within a week!! It will soon mean no more preemie clothes for him! Part of me is sad he’s not my teeny tiny anymore (for real, part of me is still sad he’s not rolling around in my belly still!! My due date was supposed to be this Monday, the 6th), but I’m also super excited to watch him grow.

Husband and I are quick to brag about our amazing boy…he sleeps through the night except for his every 3 hour feedings, and only really cries when we have to change his clothes or give him a little bath. Truly, he’s awesome.

We have learned though that as perfect as you want to be, and strive to be, you are in far reach of that title. Perfectly imperfect maybe…maybe. Breastfeeding has been a challenge. My son has peed in his own face at least 3 times. He’s also peed on the curtains. He hates being burped to the point we question if we are even doing it right. We obsess over poopy diapers, or lack thereof. I’ve learned to do a lot of things one handed so I can carry him about rather than put him down. You make every rookie mistake you tell yourself you won’t make, but I think that’s ok; I think it’s meant to be that way. We don’t claim to know anything, we just navigate the newness together. Husband has gone back to work, but everyday it’s me and Jude I swear I find more of a balance. Progress = Winning.

Despite anything and everything else, we remain in agreement that we are blessed. Truly blessed. A life without Jude cannot even begin to be fathomed. We are learning, he is learning. We are tired, he is…well, he actually seems pretty well rested more often than not. We are immensely in love and I swear Jude feels the same when he looks at me.




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