Baby Jude is Here.

Hello, hello!!

In the middle of my current personal whirlwind I thought I would make a quick post to update what’s been going on. Last Tuesday on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17, I was induced. This was not planned, so it definitely came as a surprise when that became the direction the day was taking. 31 hours later, (and yes, I did have the epidural), my son made his world debut after about 20 minutes of pushing. The story certainly sounds simple and straightforward enough, but I assure you it was far more than all of that for both myself and my son. My husband and I decided that for now this birth story is one to keep to ourselves. We are a blessed little family and our strong, brave son is more perfect than any words strung together could explain.



March 18, 2015

9:42 pm

6lbs 15oz

20 3/4 inches 


I am completely and utterly smitten. Thank you to everyone for your continued love, prayers and support.

That being said, I am enjoying every second spent with my husband and son as we adjust to this incredible new adventure in our lives. I will begin catching up on other posts soon, but until then I will be getting in all the baby snuggles and kisses that I possibly can.

Stay tuned!!







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