Makeup Tip: Save Your Wands.

I love a good makeup tip; especially when it’s one I either haven’t heard before, or one that can be a money saver. This, my friends, is one of those tips…thanks be to Pinterest and The Beauty Department for calling my attention to this.

Save your mascara wands!

Why have I not been doing this all along?! I certainly go through enough mascara to have amassed quite the brush collection by now, had I been saving! 

When you are about to discard your used up or expired mascaras, simply hang on to the wand. You can then thoroughly wash and sanitize it for later use, just as you would use, say, a spooly brush. Plus, with all the different wand tips on the market now, you’ll end up with a diverse collection great for a variety of uses.

Just what can you use them for?

Well, for starters they make great eyebrow grooming implements. You can even coat them with a hairspray it brow wax to maximize grooming power, ensuring your brows stay tame and in place. You can also use them to brush on a brow powder as part of your makeup routine, to achieve fuller, bolder brows. 

Bonus tip: if you have lots of baby hairs and fine fly aways around your hairline, these little wands,coated with a hairspray or light holding gel, make great little tools to brush those strays into place and lock them down.

Hopefully this little tip is something you find useful and cost effective! 


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