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I was just checking my e-mail and I had received a notification from ipsy that my March glam bag had shipped. Yeah…here it is March 13 and I’ve yet to post my thoughts on the February bag. Good intentions I did have, but some unexpected twists and turns came about and I am now on bed rest at almost 37 weeks pregnant. Blogging, however, is something quite feasible from my current position on the couch so let’s play catch-up. I’m not able to go back and take my own photos of the products and my swatches, so I’ll be using ipsy stock photos as conversational reference.

The Bag: ipsy love

The Contents:

Rob Scheppy for ‘Tini Beauty Eyeshadow

This was another new brand for me, but I do love to have several shimmery nude lid shades on hand, and this one, “Pearl Fizz”, seems like it will fit right in.  Rob Scheppy is a Hollywood makeup artist who created a lot of Kim Kardashian’s most memorable looks, and has thusly dubbed this shade as perfect for highlighting brow bones and illuminating the eye—I would have to agree with all of the above. While the color itself is soft in intensity, the shimmery sheen it leaves behind is just enough, and quite pretty. The feel of the actual product is also very soft and velvety, which I’m loving in shadows right now. Visit http://www.tinibeauty.com for additional products and info.

Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Face Oil

Another new brand for me. I’m not really a face oil person, but why not try it out. It contains antioxidants and vitamins that the skin absorbs to help it feel firmer and have a more glowing appearance. All sounds delightful in theory, but for me this product was too heavy and had too greasy of a feel to it. I guess part of me just can’t wrap my head around applying oil to my face…maybe if I was having some serious dry skin issues. But hey, to each his own.

Demeter Fragrance First Love Roll-on Perfume Oil

Now, Demeter I do know! I remember going into Ulta and smelling all the different scents because they were so spot on…like Play Doh, for example! This scent, First Love, is a blend of jasmine, lemon zest, water lotus, honeysuckle and white rose. The rose note was not as overwhelming as I know it can be, but I am more fond of warmer scents as opposed to florals. This is not to discount the brand at all, they’re great! Just not the scent for me. However, this little roller ball is perfect to toss in your purse to have on hand. In fact, if you shop at http://www.demeterfragrance.com and use code IPSY20 at checkout you can 20% off your purchase.

City Color Cosmetics Creamy Lip Stain

Who doesn’t need another lip color?!!! I hoard these gems. This is a lip stain by City Color in the shade Flirtini. Think, a cross between a traditional lip stick and a gloss. It does go on quite smoothly, and gives you more of a matte wash of color. What I particularly liked was that it did not dry my lips out, they actually received added hydration from the initial application. City Color makes these creamy lip stains in 6 different shades; check them out at http://www.citycolorcosmetics.com.

ModelCo BLUSH Cheek Powder

I have always loved every ModelCo product I’ve tried. This is the first blush I’ve sampled from them and just as with all the others, this is good stuff. It has a very soft, luxurious feel which helps with smooth application and blending, and gives just enough pay out to wash your complexion with color without being off putting. I received the shade Peach Bellini, a peachy pink shade. I was particularly glad not to receive too pink of a shade since I already have so many of those. I don’t have too many peach shades for my personal use and I love the shimmer and gleam this one offers…perfect for the impending Spring season. Visit http://www.modelcocosmetics.com to check out all of their fab products, and use checkout code IPSY20 to score 20% off your purchase.

I always appreciate when my glam bag has more hits than misses, and for once I snuck a peek at my March bag online (accidentally, actually) and I can already tell I’m in love with a few things…particularly a gorgeous NYX lipstick. Delightful, I say.



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