Dear Hollywood: Volume 8

Dear Hollywood,

It has been quite a long weekend in my little household….week 34/35 of pregnancy has presented it’s fair share of challenges, not to get into specifics, and even now I’m dealing with a bout of insomnia as I have decided to write this. 

I am always a bit curious of the coming and goings of the Hollywood elite, not that it is all of significant importance in the long run, neigh, rather it is the distraction of the overall entertainment of it all that I ultimately appreciate. Say what you will, it works for me.

However, Hollywood, one thing I did not need to come to know was that one Mr. Jared Leto has not only cut off his long, beautiful ombré hair, but has also gone completely overboard in shaving his face clean. Why, why I ask you, why?!! Regarding this particular matter all I can say has already been said…this one needs time to further process. P.S…is Jared dating Lupita N’yongo??

In other news,  Lady Gaga became engaged to beau Taylor Kenney this past Valentine’s Day, which is not really news at this point, but I just need to throw her a shout out. I have been so impressed with her red carpet appeal lately. It’s been so glamorous and couture, with just enough polish to keep it elegant. I loved watching her with Tony Bennett at the Grammy’s and performing the Sound of Music medley at the Oscars. It is all a far step outside her former box of overly eccentric mother monster of VMA yesteryears, and it suits her so perfectly.

I also hear that Hilary Duff has finally filed for divorce from Mike Comrie. After being married for 4 years (having a son, now 2 years old), and a year of what seemed to be quite an amicable separation, sparking great commentary that the couple was headed for reconciliation, Duff finally filed papers to make the split official. Apparently, witnessing her husband drunkenly hit on a waitress at a party, and proceeding to throw money at her as exchange for potential sex, was the last proverbial straw for HD….yeah, Comrie definitely blew it. But here’s to hoping Hilary’s new show, “Younger”, on TV Land has great success.

In baby news, Naya Rivera, or as you may know her–Santana from “Glee”, recently announced her pregnancy on Instagram posting a cartoon image of a bun baking in an oven….get it??!! Congratulations to Naya and her husband Ryan Dorsey.

What else, Hollywood??

In terms of breakups we also have Doutzen Kroes and Karlie Kloss, who are both parting ways with their Angel statuses at Victoria’s Secret. Doutzen, who has been with VS for 6 years, and Karlie, a 3 year veteran, are both leaving in order to pursue other opportunities and commitments. Their faces, surely amongst other things, will be missed on the runway in those wings.

I suppose we can leave it at these few points of discussion for now, at least it seems to have slightly remedied tonight’s insomnia, an issue in and of itself. I still have my February IPSY post to get up here, but any other post suggestions before I give birth to the kid are always welcomed.



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