ipsy: Fresh Start

With just 2 days standing between the end of January and the start of February 2015, I have perhaps been a bit more reflective of what this new year means/holds in store. I will not be as boldly cliche as to say “new year, new me”. I am the same me, just working on building a better version of myself. My 30th birthday is just a little over a week a way, and the arrival of my son is about two months away (I’m 30 weeks 4 days today!!). I don’t claim to be a trophy wife…ok, maybe I do, but all in jest. I do, however, have a vision of the kind of mom I want to be, the kind of wife my husband deserves, and as comfortably glamorous as I can bring myself to me amidst all changing things πŸ˜‰
The January glam bag is titled “Fresh Start”, which is perhaps a less cliche way of speaking to “new year, new me”, but fitting all the same as an approach to enter into the new year.


//the contents//

I’m not one to turn down free eyeliner, especially liquid since it is the go-to standard for me right now as of late. Coastal Scents is a familiar name to most at this point, and although I haven’t tried their eyeliner, it came to me with good reviews in mind. What I specifically like about this liner is the fine felt tip applicator. It isn’t flimsy (like, say, a paintbrush tip), so it definitely allows for fine, precision application. I received the shade “Jet”, a dark black onyx shade, which is right in my wheelhouse. If you’re shopping http://www.coastalscents.com, you can shop this eyeliner for 25% off using coupon code liner25off at checkout.

From the moment I saw this little gem I knew I would love it, and not just because I have an ever-so-slight makeup brush addiction. The bristles, densely packed are 100% synthetic, yet the brush tip is so unbelievably soft. The dense nature of the brush allows for both great highlighting and packing on lid color for desired effect. This brush retails for $10, but if you shop http://www.elizabethmott.com now through the end of February, you can get 50% off your entire purchase with code IPSYBRUSH at checkout. Plus, right now they are offering free shipping (within the U.S.) if you spend over 40$.

I am no stranger to LA Fresh. I absolutely love their line of wipes!! They often go on sale on haute look, so I always pick up a few boxes when they do. After trying this moisturizer (which is meant for all over use but I’ve been using on my hands), I had no complaints. I would say it’s a more of a mid-weight formula, which is why I’m loving it for my hands; that plus it is not greasy at all, and my skin felt noticeably softer after use. It has a soft , light fragrance, nothing overpowering at all…which can be contributed to the aloe and cucumber it contains. In fact, this stuff is crammed with lots of powerhouse ingredients: Vitamins B, C & E, maqui berry, licorice root, ginko leaf, grape seed oil, and more. It’s ideal for all skin types too, so you can definitely share! Visit http://www.lafreshgroup.com to check out this moisturizer and all of their other great products.

Pacifica has always been kind of hit or miss for me, and this particular eyeshadow was right in the middle of the line. Here’s what I did like: the infusion of coconut water in the product makes the shadow feel extra plush and velvety, it’s vegan and cruelty free, and it works well for me as a transition/blending shade. What I did not like: the shade I received, “Ethereal”, a really light taupe-ish shade, was not as pigmented as I thought it would be (which is why it works decently enough to help blend), so when I went to swatch on my wrist there was not enough definition for the color to show up in the photo. Although it is marketed as not creasing, I feel that if you were planning to wear it as a stand alone lid color you would be on the safer side to just go ahead and apply a primer first.

Admittedly, I’m also a bit of a nail polish hoarder. Not intentionally by any means, it just happened gradually until one day I had accumulated quite a collection. I have never heard of Probelle before, but the creamy baby blue shade (“Into the Blue”), caught my eye. I have not tried this one yet, but since my baby shower is also coming up I can see myself trying it out then.

I know everyone gets slightly different glam bags, so I’m curious to know what other different items you guys received! If you have not yet subscribed to the monthly service, head over to http://www.ipsy.com for all the details.


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