Blake Lively’s Baby is Keeping me Up.

Ok, so it’s not entirely true that I am awake in bed at almost 2am thinking about Blake Lively and her new baby. I’m actually up because 1) I’m pregnant (28 weeks today! Yeah!) and it’s kind of been the norm lately, and 2) I have my own baby to concentrate my thoughts on. However, all the mental ramblings of all things baby did remind me that Blake has been in the headlines for giving birth to her daughter, and that I never mentioned it here amongst my other celebrity blabber.

It seems like we all were just made aware of Lively’s pregnancy with husband Ryan Reynolds, when her photo announcement literally shut down her preserve website. Reports all state that she gave birth to their daughter just before the new year, earlier than expected, at a medical center near her and Reynolds’ New York home. Even though she seems to have been delivered early, everything indicates that baby and mama are both doing splendidly.

We also all know now that the baby has been given a name…Violet. I love a classy, vintage-esque name; so pretty.
A lot of sources say that Blake was hinting at the name when she wore the dress I’ll picture below, but u truly think it was just a beautiful dress, not out to relay any secret message to onlookers. Plus, other reports state that Blake and Ryan were surprised at the sex at birth, so they really wouldn’t have known what to hint at if that were the case.


I’ve also read that little Violet has at least 3 godmothers, in Lively’s “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” co-stars: Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrera, and Alexis Bledel; further sparking hopes by some that there wi be a third installment of the Sisterhood films.
There are; however, no indications that Violet will have a host of Gossip Girl godparents, but let’s not count out Blair and Chuck quite yet!!


I know you’ll be one super stylish little girl, I mean, look at your parents:


**NOTE: it has since been reported that the couple did not name their baby Violet. In fact, it looks like little Ms. Reynold’s name is actually James**


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