Brow Game and other Updates.


I saw this on Napoleon Perdis’s Instagram today and I had to share it. I hope you also found hilarity in it. I love a strong, structured brow and I love my coffee strong (even though it’s still decaf for me for another 3 months or so!!).

Some other updates: Yesterday was the hubs’ 30th birthday, and of course Christmas is next week so gift giving is in full swing fo sho!! I’ve pretty much finished shopping except for two more gifts I just have to go pick up, and then it’s just tons of wrapping and cookie baking for me!!
I do have my December ipsy glam bag to post; I think I’ve just been putting it off because I wasn’t so excited after opening it as I thought I would be. On my mind I had built it up to be so stellar since it is holiday time, but it was just so so, and I’ll have it up here soon.

In pregnancy news: Mr. Jude loves to throw himself little dance parties in there!! I will be 25 weeks on Monday, and at an ultrasound I had during week 23 he was weighing in at about 1.5 pounds. He’s a growing!! I had my glucose test the day before yesterday, but still somewhat anxiously waiting those results. The glucose drink wasn’t as bad as everyone made it to be, but I did throw up after they drew the blood. I get achy at night, with sciatica sometimes. I also still get sick at night, especially if I ate something Jude didn’t care for. Feels like time is flying by and we are starting to clean out my office to make room for the nursery. I am preparing for a natural childbirth; I really cannot stress enough that I do not want an epidural!! So, of course, this seems to be the time when everyone wants to offer up a horror or story or two, or three!! Lots of prayers 😉

If we’re keeping things as brief as possible, I suppose that sums up all the highlights as of lately!! It’s all about holidays and babies around my house, and I love it!!
Wishing all things merry & bright to you and yours!! XoXoXo


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