Gifting Guide: Stocking Stuffers (for her) 2014.

One of my previous posts focused on the Top Ten I would love to both give and receive this year. Normally it’s not the gift giving part I dwell on too much, but rather the task of putting together stocking stuffers that people actually want; not just lifesavers, lottery scratchers and chewing gum, although those aren’t but so bad. So I looked at current trends, thought about what I liked and what I would give as gifts, and came up with this list of Ten great stocking stuffers that are both affordable and sure to please. I present to you, in no particular order:


If your person is a wine drinker, a super cute wine bottle stopper is both aesthetically pleasing and practical in purpose. I love this little Royal Crown stopper from Pier 1, which is actually on sale right now for just under 5$!!




Like the wine stoppers, wallflowers from Bath & Body Works are also cute and practical. I have a silver owl for my bathroom, but they come in all sorts of designs. I like the Quilted Shade plugs (pictured) since they will coordinate with most room decor. For under 20$ you can get a wall plug and one or two flower refill plugs. The Marshmallow Fireside is one of my current favorites; perfect for the holidays with notes of vanilla, roasted marshmallows and smoldering wood. So great. Again, these are available both in store and online with Bath & Body Works.


We’ve all seen the Eos lip balm spheres, so they’re nothing new, persay. They are, however, a great way to up the game from a typical tube of Chapstick. I love this pomegranate one (pictured), not only for the “flavor”, but the beautiful burgundy packaging is holiday appropriate. You can get these pretty much anywhere, for about 3-4$.

These are pretty unique gifts, if you haven’t heard of them yet. You light them like candles, they have scents, but then when you blow out the flame you pour the melted soy into your hands and rub together like lotion, giving your hands a great moisturizing treatment. These particular ones I’ve pictured are from Element Tree Essentials, a North Carolina based company you can shop online, and range in price from about 7-25$


So I’ve labeled this one with just the brand, Lush. Surely we’ve all mostly heard of this brand too, as they are known for their absolutely amazing bath and body products. Anything from them would make a fun, affordable gift, but my stocking stuffer pick, for sake of conversation, is their Butterbear Bath Bomb.

Seriously, how cute are these?! They are infused with cocoa butter and vanilla (look at that cocoa dusted nose!), so not only are the beneficial to your bod, they are, as you can see, so stinking cute!! These particular Butterbears are 4.95$ (2.6oz), and you can shop them at your local Lush store or online.


I love a beautifully scented perfume just as much as the next girl, and these little rollerballs are too perfect to keep in your purse until needed. Chances are your/her favorite scent is available in this type of packaging, and Ulta has a great selection of fragrances. For winter I am loving the Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan (25$).


Nail polish is perhaps a pretty common stocking stuffer, but hey, if it isn’t broke, why fix it. I’m an equal opportunity polish wearer, but I prefer Essie and OPI for best coverage for medium price. You can purchase these at most drugstore/chain stores, but if you are able to shop at a beauty wholesaler then you will be able to get a few more bottles since the cost is lower. Again, I’m loving deeper colors right now, so Carry On by Essie is a great choice!!

Another classic stocking stuffer, but we aren’t talking about a pair of tube socks here, I’m talking pretty socks that make your feet feel fancy.

I particularly love these socks pictured because the knee high length is perfect to pair with your favorite winter boots. They also look very feminine and cozy, which I know I look for when I am in the market for socks, and I’m not even that big of a sock fan. The socks pictured are from ModCloth ( for 15$, although you can find cheaper, equally as adorable, options many other places.


You can really never have too many gift cards, and of course the one I have pictured is from good ol’ Starbucks! These are great in lower values (or higher if that’s your thing) for stocking stuffers. They are really self-explanatory really!! And you can never have too much Starbucks πŸ˜‰

This one might be a little unexpected, but it’s so fun I just couldn’t resist listing!

I won’t go into full detail on this one, but do yourself a favor and visit their website: watch their videos and read their product descriptions. The one I have pictured is called Sh*ttin’ Pretty, and is a blend of rose, jasmine and citrus. There are several other equally as entertaining options, and the cost typically spans between 10-15$. You can check online to see where you can buy locally.


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