Ladies and gentlemen….

And I could not be any happier! Of course the husband is also over the moon; we feel amazingly blessed.

Last Tuesday (so like, 10ish days ago) I had an ultrasound at one of those 3D/4D places. While I did get to see little one kicking his little legs about and waving to us with those tiny arms, I was not privy to such information as what was the sex of the little person taking up residency in my uterus. My mom and sister held a gender reveal party for me that Saturday, and let me tell you it was perfect!




A lot of people thought I was upset that it wasn’t a girl, because my guess was girl. Let me explain, for the record. I had wanted a boy from the beginning, and I had an inkling that it was going to be team blue. However, after the ultrasound my mom kept referring to the baby as “she”, so it got into my head that pink balloons would be spilling out of that box. Her mom mind games sure did work; I have to give her that one!

So, I present to you now, Mr. Jude Edward:


I’m so in love already. Look at that little button of a nose! Mr. Jude is also off to a good start building his wardrobe, thanks to the fact that his daddy went a little overboard already. My husband is going to be an amazing dad; it absolutely elates me, the things he says and does. I still have bouts of nighttime nausea and vomiting, but some how throwing up doesn’t seem to phase me now. Albeit unpleasant, I’ve become quite the veteran in that sport. What I’m not loving so much is this insane pressure that lives on my bladder. The baby loves to treat it like a bounce house, that’s for sure. He sits low so as much as I adore every kick and flutter he gives me, getting out of bed to pee sooooo frequently makes for an uncomfortable slumber party. I love the men in my life, though, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything at all.


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