ipsy: Beauty Candy (*late post*)

Well folks, it seems that my October open box review of the glam bag, “Beauty Candy”, fell through the cracks. I’m blaming it on a combination of pregnancy brain and a sordid cocktail of other personal matters. I super promise that I was prepared to post! I took cute pictures with glitter pumpkins and everything! However; I haven’t bought a SIM card for my new phone so I deleted all the pictures I took of the products to make room for photos from my gender reveal party… I mean, obviously that’s the more amazing and important of the two, right?!!!!

I couldn’t just move into the November glam bag without paying a sort of homage to the bag I left behind. Here’s a screen shot of what was in the bag at any rate:


For me it was an equal mix of wonderful and okay. I was most excited about the Smashbox primer; that’s some gold star product you guys! I’m not a huuuuuge fan of loose eyeshadow like this one but it is a lovely color that can easily be ultra-glammed up for the impending holidays.

That pretty much sums up this little afterthought post, I will have the full November post coming up in the next week. If you’re curious about the outcome of my gender reveal, and you’re not a Facebook/Instagram follower, well, that post is coming up too!!


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