I could not even wait until mid-day to share my excitement over some of this morning’s news straight out of Hollywood. Ok, so it’s not insanely early in the day, but for me this is early, guys!
Blake has announced, via her website, that she and Ryan Reynolds are expecting their first child together; and Blake already has the bump to prove it! As far as pregnant celebrities go, I have not been this enamored since Buckingham Palace confirmed that Kate Middleton was expecting. This is Serena VanDerWoodsen, this is great news from the Gossip Girl Alumni. I have long loved Blake as an inspiration of mine, fashion and home speaking. And just as I am writing in the throws of how I declared my love for this season’s celebrity maternity style, in rolls this news! It’s great. Have you been sending my excitement over pregnant celebs lately?!

This will be the first child for both Blake and Ryan, who originally stunned us all with their wedding back in 2012. I’m much looking forward to this bump watch.



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