Dear Hollywood: Volume 6


Dear Hollywood,
Let’s just jump right into a few things before social media officially labels them as old news.
big congratulations to Lauren Conrad and William Tell, who tied the knot over the weekend. No official wedding photos have been released, or leaked for that matter, but surely it was one of the most well executed and intricately planned events of the year. I’m on edge as far as celebrity upkeep goes to see her dress, her hair, her makeup, and every little detail my girl Lauren put into the nuptials. From her little market to Paper Crown and her lifestyle website, I love me some LC.

Ryan Gosling is a dad. Yep. Now when we call Mr. Gosling “daddy”, it takes on a whole new meaning. The exact date of his and Eva Mendes’ daughter’s arrival has yet to be confirmed, but looks like it was in fact this past week; which further confirms that she was indeed about 7 months along when her pregnancy made headlines. How she managed to keep everything so hush hush in a society where people can’t keep a secret I do not know; but, good for her and her golden baby.

Also, speaking of pregnancy, can we get some official confirmation on whether or not one Mrs. Beyoncé is expecting a sibling for Blue Ivy?? Media reports ran amuck after Jay-Z changed a song lyric during a recent performance to something along the lines of, “she’s pregnant with another one”. Was this perhaps a sly nod to so upcoming news the couple wishes to share in wake of their divorce rumors?? Is Jay-Z simply trying to stir the pot of self promotion?? Then today I read several reports that no, Bey is not expecting because she was seen with a glass of champagne and blah blah blah. So, yeah…thoughts??

That’s where I’m at this Tuesday evening…a sweet tea with lime, fresh apples from the farmer’s market, and my fingertips on a stack of celebrity “news reports”.

Mr. Gosling will see you now.


The girl who is glad that everyday feels more like Autumn, but won’t be “basic” and have a Pumpkin Spice Latte.




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