Post-VMA Beyoncé Thoughts.

In the wake of last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, social media is buzzing with recaps, highlights, discussions and a vast array of opinions. I could talk about the looks that graced the red carpet for days, but instead am opting for a different approach. Let’s talk about Beyoncé, who accepted the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, presented to her by husband Jay-Z and daughter, Blue.

Beyoncé certainly reminded us all why she is Queen B, looking ever-so fabulous from the red carpet to the stage. Naturally, her closing performance was most anticipated, not because Beyoncé always puts on quite a show, but amidst all the separation/divorce rumors I think we were all a little curious as to what sorts of vibes would be projected.

Well, in my opinion, Bey and Jay are a solid empire. Beyoncé squashed those rumors, not only with her powerhouse performance, but the moment on stage between B, Jay-Z and Blue was undeniable happiness and love. The emotion behind those smiles is not capable of being faked. And with the On the Run tour about to hit HBO, and the anticipation that had been building for her performance pre-VMA, there names in the news and every press headline has made for great publicity.




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