H&M Gets Pretty and Wilde.

H&M launched it’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in NYC this past Tuesday night. The red carpet hosted a barrage of fashion savvy A-listers, but two standout gold stars have to go to “Pretty Little Liars” star, Ashley Benson, and new Hollywood mama, Olivia Wilde. Both gorgeous girls rocked the sheet top trend in two different, yet highly appealing looks.

Ashley Benson, known for her role as Hannah on PLL, hit the red carpet in a see through black lace top with black bra underneath. She paired the top with skinny black jeans, black heels and a black blazer, opened to focus on the top. Her edgy black ensemble was further accentuated with her metallic belt and sparkling necklace. Also keeping with her notable style, her loosely pulled back hair and dark smokey eye completed the look; that and the soon-to-be released purse with Jeff Koons Balloon Dog image on her shoulder.

Olivia also made a statement in her translucent navy top, with deep V neckline and lace detailing. Her midriff was enviable as ever despite recently giving birth to her and Jason Sudeikis’s first child. Unlike Ashley, Wilde paired her sheer top with loose-fitting black trousers and blazer with silk lapels. Like Ashley, Olivia also sported the Balloon Dog purse, but paired her overall look with natural makeup and hair falling in loose set waves.

The Koons Balloon Dog purse was a hot ticket item to be seen with last night, so look for it’s official public release soon. You can, forever, rock the sheer top trend now, just make sure to take notes from Ashley and Olivia.




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