Gisele Bundchen is Winning.




In the aftermath of Germany’s World Cup win I’ve realized I sort of watched only 20 minutes of game play. However, I am now further familiarized with the good looking soccer players and their wives/girlfriends, and who wore what and was seen with who at any given game. Hey, it’s what I do. That being said, let’s turn our focus to Mrs. Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen.

Gisele, along with Spanish footballer Carles Puyol, presented the World Cup trophy at the closing ceremony prior to the kick-off of the final match between Germany and Argentina this past Sunday. While the trophy was presented from its Louis Vuitton signature case, Gisele, an ambassador for the brand, was likewise decked out in the label.

Her flirty turquoise dress from the Louis Vuitton Resort 2015 collection was embellished with a coral reef pattern and accentuated with a silver spike adorned belt. Her black and white shoes, from the same collection, featured a bold, almost tribal-esque, pattern that only drew further attention to her gorgeous tan legs. Her signature balayage hair fell in soft waves and she looked as radiant and lovely as ever. Brazil may not be World Cup winners this time, but they at least have Gisele on their team.

P.S. Can we please take an additional moment to acknowledge that, thank God, Tom Brady is no longer a bleach blonde!! Thank. You.


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