I Just Want To…


I love this.
It ultimately, and concisely, describes want I want out if life, and what I pretty much do. For the longest time I struggled with justifying honing in on my passion or my career. When I realized they don’t have to be two separate things, it at least made a little more sense to me. As an artist (acrylic on canvas and glass is my jam right now) and stylist (including wardrobe now, woot woot!), I get to spend my days being creative, being inspired, and working with other like minded individuals.

I don’t live in NY or L.A., so I’m definitely more of a local name obviously, so I’m not making it rain in my diamond encrusted bathtub drinking Cristal out of hollowed out rubies, but hey, I got my Starbucks and my fluffy throw pillows, and a sweet sweet pink coffee mug with marvel superheroes on it. There is a lucrative potential at top of the ladder and I still climbing the proverbial ropes.

I am currently quite wealthy as I look around at my husband, our dogs, my family in general. The riches that money cannot buy I’m rolling in, and it is beyond fulfilling, and only spurs my desire to maintain and sustain success in both my personal and professional life. My ultimate goal as of now, to be a mom. That’s creating a person! That’s the pinnacle of it all. To be but so crafty to make a person!! That’s beautiful work, guys. Haha.

It comes as no surprise to myself or others that I typically have lots of projects going on at once, both mentally and literally. I don’t think I’d have it any other way. Monogamy yes, monotony no. I’m all over the place a lot of times, which is probably evident in my writing at times. Life is art. We live art, just as we create it. It’s pretty rad. Even when I am frustrated with a decision or a task at hand, I try to ultimately push my thoughts into perspective. Sometimes it’s the wrong perspective, but typically it sorts itself out. Sometimes you have to ugly cry and eat your feelings. Surely we have all been there.

I miss my dad’s advice. If he were here on Earth his birthday would have been this past Friday. He’ll be gone 4 years on January 1. It’s a tough pill to swallow daily; yes, daily. My dad had a creative, artistic depth about him. I like to think that’s where I get it from. I like to think I make him proud. People often tell me how proud he’d be of me, or how proud he is in heaven. That’s fine and well, a lovely sentiment. Naturally, I’d love for him to be here to tell me. This paragraph’s purpose was pretty much to call to attention how awesome my dad was.

Drink Coffee. (Iced Americana w Cream…obvi, Starbucks).
Create Stuff (Everyday).
Sleep (It may not come easy but it is, in fact necessary).

Happy Sunday (or is it technically Monday). xoxo.


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