Dear Hollywood: volume 3


Dear Hollywood,
I’m going to need your full cooperation in bringing light to truth or falsehood of this one, preferably at speed pretty equivalent to that of light.


Oh, Hollywood, say, for sake of conversation, it is true. Of course, congratulations would be extended in case of positive factual reporting, but for sake of my, and every other woman’s fantasies everywhere, unless it’s with Rachel McAdams (::sigh::) he cannot be a baby daddy. That’s a game changer.

You and your pregnancy rumors, Hollywood. Kate Middleton is not pregnant, while Kourtney Kardashian actually was pregnant. This ranging speculation is why we oft wait for official confirmation on these things. With that in mind, will someone kindly hunt down official reps for both the Mendes and Gosling camps and get some answers. I cannot rely on OK! Magazine and Life & Style reports alone.

The girl who has fawned over Ryan since “Young Hercules” and “Breaker High”, and was ok with the Gosling-McAdams coupling but is unsure of Eva Mendes, and will further distract self from situation until official answers are available.
Distraction level: Cookie Baking


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