Musings on Friendship


Well said Lauren Conrad; I always felt like we could be friends. Lord knows that fake friends are abundant and we are all blinded by that fact at some point. Sometimes we brush it off as whatever and sometimes that realization is emotionally upsetting, albeit a lesson learned. I will never understand why people are ultimately consumed with how they wrongly prioritize relationships in their lives. For me, my struggle lies within sorting out who us ultimately there for me at the end if the day, and not there for what I can do for them when all is said and done. I do not have coattails therefore you cannot ride them.

Now, when I use the term friends here I am not referring to your acquaintances, colleagues, and buddies in a general sense. Rather I am speaking about that inner circle of “best” friends; the ones you let into your life enough to be easily confused for family. It is a short list, right?! Resting bitch face aside, I’ve always considered myself to be a friendly person, which we all know how it goes when kindness is misconstrued for weakness. There has been a lot if artificial in my life as far as these friendship relationship bonds go, but through the hardships there has been those core people that do not hesitate to be gold star friends. I have friends that live across the country that call and check in more so than “that one person” a block away. The rock steady people are good as gold in my book, all the others are mere imitations.

This is a rant at this point I suppose. I’m not calling anyone out in particular, although there are instances over the past several years that are pushed to the forefront of my thoughts. If you feel that I am speaking about you then obviously you have recognized some quality in yourself that is making your guilt stream flow freely. It is not okay to be a back stabbing person. It is not okay to take important relationships lightly. It is not okay to turn the people in your life into back up plans and options. If I have cut you out if my life, then it is true that you most likely handed me the scissors.

I love the fact that I have a diverse group of friends. I like that I can hang out from group to group and get a long with others. My style and my beliefs are part of who I am but they do not exclude the value I see in all others and their unique attributes. I am a fan of consistently good people, those are my gold star people. They truly are worth their weight ten fold on gold and rubies, and I hope I do my best to always make them feel as such.

“Doses and Mimosas” is now playing, how fitting to a point. Instant gratification is nice, but I don’t see it’s relevance when it comes to building a friendship or relationship as an adult. I am an adult, it’s true! Sometimes I think back and try to recall if there were any friendships that I personally threw out the window in favor of something fleeting. I cannot recall any, but I know the feeling if being the friendship thrown out the window. You don’t come back from that. Remember, you handed me the scissors!!

Most of these statements have been somewhat generalized, as I’m sure there are exceptions here and there for certain things. My point has surely been made though. Quality over quantity. Just a random musing from my computer screen to yours.


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