ipsy: Pretty in Paradise

Truly, if it isn’t one thing it is another; and old adage still holding relevant to today. Not only have I been all sickly and what have you, which coupled with my usual everyday anxieties is overwhelming at times, but after all this time of playing it safe, I finally cracked my iPhone screen. I don’t even remembering dropping it or anything. So, slightly (or more than slightly) agitated I have been for the past day. Really though, no body has time for that!! Here it is, July, and I am now posting my first impressions for the June ipsy glam bag. So without further complaint on my behalf let’s just talk about the sucka:

Actually, we shall not discuss. Why?!! Because I just spent the past couple hours typing and formatting, and WordPress did not auto save it. So, yeah, I don’t know exactly what I did, but I deleted everything. Curse words were said. Lots of them. I do not feel like rewriting so feel free to check out the pictures from my June Glam Bag. A few notes:Β  1) The mascara is pretty standard issue, but has an interesting and debatably off-putting scent 2) I really didn’t like the body spray, it smelled like a drug store knock off of a knock off, ad the rose notes were too overpowering for me, 3) I am ambivalent about the curl enhancing texture spray, it is what it is. 4) The Nicka K sparkle eyeliner is the bomb. I love the fine-tipped sponge applicator for precision lining and the colors are prtty. They have 12 sparkle shades and 2 matte shades, so check them out online at wwwnicka.com, and 5) NYX is my jam and the butter glosses are perfect for summer, so scoop one up at Ulta or Target.


So, yeah, there you go. Like I said in my intro, if it isn’t one thing it’s another. I also don’t particularly like that I can only post pictures in the new gallery form. How do you guys (as other WP users) feel about that. I have been informed that eventually we can upload pictures one at a time again. I don’t know what spurred all these changes in WordPress, but I prefer classic setup. Maybe I’m being resistant to change, maybe it’s just me feeling incredibly frustrated presently. That being said, please do not mistake any slippage in my content to laziness, it is actually frustration. Meh. Say it with me now: “Mehhhhh”.

In the meantime, you can cat up with me on Twitter: JalinMarieC, Instagram: jacquelinecxo, and somewhere on Pinterest. One of my dearest lovelies and I have also started an etsy shop: heartsmitten, with some kid related stuff and some artsy stuff. Check it out yo, and then check back later for new items XOXO.

“Make it Simple, but Significant”–Don Draper, Mad Men.


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