Review: Maybelline Color Elixir

Maybelline’s newest lip product to hit shelves is the Color Elixir line. I was so excited when I saw these because all of the colors looked so beautiful and the commercial had me reeled in with all the girls in their bright hyper-glossed, super-pigmented lips. Yes, I am no stranger to the fact that commercials such as these are edited and fantastical at levels, but it had me hooked regardless.

So, I found myself perusing the makeup aisle at Walgreens, as I often do, and could not resist any longer. They were having their usual buy one get one 50% off sale so I bought 2 colors: Breathtaking Apricot (left) and Hibiscus Haven (right):

imageΒ Super pretty, right?!

Here’s Maybelline’s little “blurb”/tag line for the product: “Fall under the spell of the elixir effect; Hyper-saturated color, ultra cushiony feel; the new hypnotic lip sensation”.

And oh, did I fall under the hypnotic spell of pretty colors and plush promises. But is this product worth it’s weight in my Visa card? Let’s d
iscuss the finer points:


*color selection: there’s 25 beautiful, unique and on trend shades that will definitely catch your eye.

*feel: the product has a quite luscious feel, from the applicator to the elixir itself. It is not a sticky lip product so your lips do feel all the more moisturized.

*price point: at around $8.99 a pop, with often a correlating buy one get one 50% off, they are decently priced overall.


*color payout: when I first applied the product it was only a more sheer wash of what the color in the tube looked like. It was like a pigmented gloss, to best say. In my opinion the only way to get actual true to package color is to where the elixir over a lipstick of similar color.

*durability: I put the elixir on at 930am and took a picture and then took another one at 430pm, a 7 hour period of time. I was not impressed at all as there was no elixir left!! Mind you all I did the whole day was sip from a water bottle at work:

imageBig difference. This is without reapplying, just testing out the initial application durability. So if you’re willing to reapply throughout the day and are okay that you can’t really build up to get that luscious luxe color, well that’s up to you!

My overall rating: 5.0/10.0 *****/////


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