A Salute to Carrie Underwood’s Legs.

We’ve all known it for some time, there’s no denying it…Carrie Underwood has the legs that we’d all come close to killing for (figuratively, of course). I mean, home girl has the dedication to her fitness, employing trainer Erin Oprea to delve out the lunges and squats galore, multiple times a week. There’s not much more that really needs to be said. Carrie, I wish I had half your dedication to your smokin’ hot bod, for I envy your ability to wear cut off jean shorts and mini dresses like a boss. So Carrie Underwood, you and your legs, I salute you.


Credit: Film Magic





3 thoughts on “A Salute to Carrie Underwood’s Legs.

  1. whitneydawnwest says:

    I’ve always said if there was any woman I could trade places with for a day or even switch bodies I’d pick Carrie Underwood hands down. She is the perfect combination of sweet, sexy, and classy. Plus she has the voice to boot. Such an inspirational woman.

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