PLL Season 5 Premiere


I can’t even.
I can’t even wait to discuss the season 5 premiere of Pretty Little Liars. So sorry west coasters, or those who missed the premiere, this will undoubtedly contain spoilers!!
So there’s Ezra in the hospital who freaks out when he’s aware Shana is in his room. Sidenote: sorry if I am all over the place I’m just amped up y’all. Anyway… Obvi Shana is up to something, Aria rushes out after a whispered Ezra secret and next thing we see Shana, gun in hand pointed at the liars, getting knocked the f out by Aria. The declaration is made that it’s finally over. Does this mildly declared statement mean that Shana was A?! Was she the one leaping buildings last season and riding on top of ambulances tonight?! That is such a let down if that’s the case. I don’t think she’s A. PLL has been renewed for 2 more seasons so they have to have something up their sleeves. Really? Shana? Meh. And back to Ezra, I feel that we’re in for lots of amazing Ezria moments this season. I like that. Not to mention the returns of Caleb and Toby.

Let’s talk about CeCe. Her escape from prison was pretty much whatever in the scope of things, but after hearing tonight’s CeCe backstory I’m starting to feel like she was perhaps more of a victim than a malicious being. We’ll see though.

And what about Mona’s army. Really, what the world?! Assembling a group of random peers who were name shamed by Ali. They are certainly due apology, no question, but vengeful retaliation in mob form?? I don’t know about all that. And what the heck is Melissa Hastings doing mixed up with Mona’s shenanigans?!

Speaking of Melissa Hastings, I must know what she told Mr. Hastings last season finale, that he made clear tonight that Mrs. Hastings was to never know. I must know!! Is it something with Holden? Ali acted pretty panicked when she heard his voice on the phone at the Fitzgerald Theater. Sidenote: Holden did seem to take great interest in the fact that Ezra Fitz was actually a Fitzgerald, so what about his family riches is so game changing??
Okay. I think that’s all I wanted to rant on about for this premiere. Am I missing something super important (important in the realm of television drama)?!
Would you care to discuss along with me?!


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