Angelina Jolie: Magnificent Maleficent


Sometimes you just have to through the catchy, borderline cliche, title out there. For the record I have always been Team Jolie ( I had the shirt during the whole Jen vs. Angie debate), and I am forever blown away by the roles she takes on and the energy she puts into building a character inside and out. Looking at her struggles and triumphs through the public eye has had a sense of empowerment for me personally. When Brad released his statement about “his girl” and the way they learned to reform and build their love, well, there was just something unbelievably powerful in that. Not to mention her compassion, which is totally evident in her multiple adoptions and her work as a UN ambassador. And let’s not forget her double mastectomy. What a strong woman.

I found out about a week ago I had melanoma skin cancer in another location; almost a year to date from my first melanoma surgery sessions. Today I endured Day 1 of 2 (which is tomorrow) of an excision surgery process to get rid of the cancer. I have past blog posts (a Fight Like a Girl series) that you can read if you have any interest in knowing what it was like last year at this time. Tomorrow will require lots of positive vibes, prayers and support to say the least. I will eventually recount this experience, but for now let’s find distraction in talking about this gorgeous Michael Kors look that Angie wore at the “Maleficent” photo call at The Bund in Shanghai, China.

A black dress is certainly a wardrobe staple for our girl, but the fact that she looked so absolutely radiant and glowing just made the overall look that much more appealing. The black Kors dress with long sheet sleeves was quite classic and suited Angelina perfectly. What was most interesting, however, were her custom made, Maleficent inspired, Christian Louboutins. She’s rocked these intricately designed heels before in black and white, but this time she opted to wear them in gold. I always love a pop of metallic next to a more monotone look. It’s about the collision if edge and glamour I do believe. And to speak to her hair and makeup, there’s nothing to say, she looks flawless…and happy. I love it.

As I said in my previous “Maleficent” post, I quite enjoyed the film. The portrayal of such a notorious character was such an unique new take, I feel like you couldn’t help but become absorbed into the storyline. It’s topping the box offices in theaters now, so go, see, love.


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