Maleficent: the Makeup


The PR and I went to see “Maleficent” earlier today, and let me just say it was above and beyond all expectations. Angelina was perfect in the starting role, and the version of the classic story they presented was both unexpected but much appreciated in the end. I really want to do a Top 10: Maleficent edition, but with it being such a new film, and knowing my own propensity to run my mouth, I will stick to having a brief discussion of the makeup, particularly that of the character of Maleficent.

Ella Purnell plays the young Maleficent in the film, and from the moment I saw her I was drawn into her face and began to take close notice of her flawless makeup look. I wasn’t able to find a screenshot of her in character, but if you’ve seen the film then you already know!! And then there’s Angelina Jolie. How can I even come up with appropriate enough words to describe her villainous beauty. I can’t. Seeing is believing:


That sculpting, those lips, the neutral smoked eye with a flourish of lashes. I’m in love. I was in love with the wonderland-esque moors the film presented as Maleficent’s home, and I’m in love with the makeup look chosen for the character. It’s no wonder MAC came out with the Maleficent line. Have you seen it? It’s gorgeous, and a lot of it is of course already sold out (I really wanted to get my hands on the True Love’s Kiss lipstick!!). Here’s a little glimpse of some of the line:

imageSo gorgeous, right?!! My advice to you would be 1) go see this movie, it was phenomenal. I can’t even. And 2) If you are a beauty buff as I am, get your hands on as much as this MAC collection as possible.


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