Ashley Benson: So Hot Right Meow


Being up at 335am can induce any number of trains if thought, creative output, insomnia driven tendencies and oh so much more. So since I’ve now seemed to throw away my regularly scheduled slumber time in favor of a glimpse at the meteor shower/shooting stars visible from my back deck, I figured why not curb this sleep difficulty with a little dose of Ashley Benson; Hannah as you may know her on Pretty Little Liars (which, sidenote, the new season premieres in little over a week!!).


 I saw the images of the PLL girls in the newest issue of GQ and thought, hot dayum they look fine. Not that they don’t always look on top of their game, both on screen and off, but these photos just oozed sex appeal. Troian Bellisario (Spencer) has already spoke out with commentary on how of course they were photoshopped, but truly these girls are knockouts without all the editing. They all looked like ultimate bombshells for this spread, but Ashley Benson looked particularly off the scale on the bodacious meter!!


I have to give my props to Shay Mitchell too (Emily on PLL, pictured with Benson above).


There’s no particular point, rhyme or reason, for this post other than the fact that it was something to share. I love PLL, I even get the PR watching, so the upcoming premiere picking up on the Ezra (Ian Harding)/Aria (Lucy Hale) storyline is got my mind wrapped up in a million theories as to how ABCFamily will play this all out.

Are you a PLL fan?? What are your thoughts on the GQ photo shoot?? Any Ezra theories for next season?!!



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