Kim Kardashian: Rehearsed Style.

Kim Kardashian: Rehearsed Style.

I have an ipsy post coming up, but I figured I needed to weigh in some way, shape, or form on all of Kim and Kanye’s pre-wedding lunacy, before the big event takes place this weekend. Of all her In-Paris looks so far I was most drawn to what is claimed to be her Rehearsal attire. It wasn’t the actual attire I was enamored with at first, it was her gorgeous hair and makeup.

The Kardashians are somewhat notorious for their smoky eye/nude lip combination, and this is the creme de la crop of such. Her perfectly arched eyebrows, meticulously highlighted and contoured skin, and of course that precision blended smoky eye with lashtastic lashes…perfection. I also love that she has her hair effortlessly coiffed and up, which is very chic and very complementary to her overall look.

Let’s talk about her look. Her and Kanye opted for correlating tuxedo inspired ensembles, Kim in White and Kanye in Camel, but this is about Kim. At first I was like oh my, I don’t know how I feel about this. The closer I looked at, the more I liked it. It suits Kim and her style aesthetic perfectly. Now, I could never pull off the draping for an event like Kim was attending, but it definitely was reminiscent of something maternity-esque, perhaps due to the low cut front with tuxedo inspired detailing, or maybe the thigh high slit betwixt the flow of the white draping. The gold sandals she partnered with her white frock gave a hint of Grecian flare, while maintaining it’s overall Parisian vibe. All in all, I think for Kim this was a winning look, although I’m sure she’ll receive her fair share of criticism as per always. Her eyes tho.


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