Adele Exarchopolous: A French twist

Adele Exarchopolous: A French twist

Adele Exarchopolous, are you familiar with that name? Me neither. As a French actress she’s surely more of a household name in European maisons and chateaus, but that in no way takes away from how incredibly gorgeous she looked at the opening ceremony for the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. So, let’s put a French twist on the blog and discuss this gorgeous lady.

It was a case of the French wearing the French when Adele hit the red carpet wearing Louis Vuitton. I was researching some of this year’s Cannes fashion, for an upcoming Blake Lively post, when I saw Adele and was like oh damn, she’s gorgeous!! The black pleather bustier top of the dress was such perfect contrast to the white body of the dress. The silver metallic piping gave edge and interest. Her Louis Vuitton clutch and Chopard diamond earrings were ideal.

We really need to talk about her hair and makeup. Her sultry silver smoky eye makeup and deliberately messy side braid was one of the things that caught my eye initially. Not only is it trendy and playful but it’s just super pretty in general. So, aside from bread, wine and cheese, we all need to take a serious note here from the French.


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